Secure has been working in Europe for many years; CALMU meters were first installed at Schipol airport in 1990. In more recent times, we have expanded our footprint in Europe through our sister company Cewe Instrument.

Cewe Instrument works with energy utilities to provide high accuracy power station and grid metering, and with associated industries such as Panel Builders, Solar PV companies etc. The relationship with our customers is based on the provision of quality products and trust, developed over time through the pragmatic application of technology and by maintaining high standards of service. Our focus is to monitor energy use accurately, to help conserve resources, without compromising performance or restricting growth.

The need to develop and refine our product range to meet the needs of the market, today and in the future, is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to continuous improvement in measurement technology to ensure our products, solutions and services, continue to exceed the expectations of our customers

Building on the strength of the Cewe Instrument brand, we have been working with Tenant Owners Associations (TOAs) for many years. We help them measure energy use and report it to the tenants via a web portal, giving improved visibility of energy use and allowing people to manage their energy use better.

Our most recent innovations and product launches have been in the area of smart systems for homes. These enable homeowners to control and optimise the use of energy in their homes, which provide energy savings, without compromising comfort. We continue to bring new solutions to market to address the ever-growing need for improved energy efficiency, and to provide customers with choices about how they manage their home environment.