Following the success of our intelligent metering products in India, we also introduced state-of-the-art electronic energy meters to neighbouring South Asian markets. The revenue protection features in our products enabled utilities to reduce commercial loss and improve energy management. Not satisfied with this, we developed other intelligent products for South Asia that help the consumer manage energy use.

Liberty, a currency based pre-payment metering system with revenue protection features that empower electricity consumers to manage their demand and conserve energy, has been successfully deployed in developing countries like Bangladesh. Utilities in Bangladesh have experienced a significant reduction in demand resulting in energy conservation after the deployment. This reduction has been partly because people use less energy when they understand their usage, and partly due to a better managed distribution system. The benefits from the project have ensured significant reduction in non-technical and commercial loss. The distribution utilities have also been using Sprint and Premier meters for reliable metering, whereas the generation utilities have found high-end precision metering using Prometer, to be highly accurate and trustworthy for many years.

The utility in Bhutan found Prodigy easy to install

The utility in Bhutan, while looking for an end to end solution for distribution transformer metering, found Prodigy with its unique, integrated thread-through design easy to install. For large transformers, CT operated Premier meters with remote meter reading facility and centralised software systems (integrators) have been deployed to help produce reliable data to monitor energy use.

In Sri Lanka, the utility has been using our accurate and reliable AMR enabled polyphase meters

In Sri Lanka, the utility has been using our accurate and reliable AMR enabled polyphase meters (Sprint, Premier and Prometer) across the electricity value chain.  Moving forward, the utility has started attaching communication modems and software systems (M-Cubed) to enable meters to be read remotely, thereby reducing their operating costs.

We continue to look ahead to a future where we can help South Asian utilities to improve their revenue realisation. Our systems can help large industries, housing complexes, commercial complexes etc. to conserve substantial amounts of energy and bring down carbon emissions.