For the past 25 years we have been providing convenient and cost effective solutions for our customers to measure and better manage their use of energy. We believe that the right technology in the right place will provide solutions, which are easy to use thus allowing the user to actively reduce their energy use. Our wide and versatile product portfolio, in the UK and around the world allows us to do achieve this for a varied consumer base.

To address the needs of the diverse customer base in UK, we have a wide and versatile product portfolio. Over the years, we have used the strengths of our worldwide business and now deliver hardware, software and service products. We are also able to provide additional value to our customers because we are one of the first business in the world with a portfolio of metering and residential HVAC controls.

Furthermore, we are the only energy retail business in the UK that is vertically integrated as an energy services business, unlike the others that are vertically integrated in networks and generation. We sell electricity and gas direct to consumers. As we are in control of the metering assets and the end-to-end system and are able to provide the lowest cost pre-payment tariffs. As a result, our solutions are stitched together keeping the consumer at the front of our minds.

Over the years we have developed and deployed a number of different solutions that have allowed users to manage their use of energy conveniently. These experiences have given each member of our team a set of experiences that allows them to map our solutions onto real life situations. This combined with our technical knowledge of metering and residential controls means that the solutions we deploy are easy to use and fit for purpose for our customers as well.

We continue to work in a direction that allows us to stay true to our vision of providing solutions that conveniently and cost effectively allow consumers to manage their energy and gain peace of mind.