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Product at a glance

Remote meter reading solution for DT, HV & LV consumers

Secure AMR data integrator is a complete solution for automatic meter reading (AMR) over GSM/GPRS, with support for multi-fuel installations and meters from different vendors.It provides AMR facilities both for legacy meters and for open protocol meters (using DLMS-ICS). Integrator enables a wide range of tasks to be scheduled automatically, including meter reading, data processing and configuration of meters and communication devices. Self-registration of devices, data validation, alarm notification,diagnostics, audit trails and intelligent reports are all provided within the Integrator environment.


  • RMR/AMR for large electricity distribution systems over different communications media, such as GSM/GPRS
  • Consumer and asset information management
  • Integration with third-party systems for billing and data analysis


  • Multi-vendor meter support
  • Powerful and flexible web-based architecture
  • Interoperable AMR system supporting legacy (MIOS*) and open protocols (DLMS-ICS)
  • Common data format (CDF/XML)
  • Scalable AMR implementation via GPRS
  • Secure and reliable database
  • Diagnostics and health-monitoring for communication devices, AMR application module and RF network
  • Self-registration of meters and modems


  • Multi-level user management
  • Data viewer in graphical and tabular format
  • Scheduler for automatic meter reading and configuration of meters and modems
  • Offline meter data management through HHU/CSV/manual entry
  • Reports for meter data, meter reading status, and registration of devices and meters
  • Validation, editing and estimation (VEE) with exception handling
  • Alarm and notification (ANE) of critical events
  • Diagnostic data management and reports through Secure TrackNet software
  • AMR for multi-fuel metering installations (electricity, gas, heat and water)
  • Data export in CDF/XML/HHF/CSV formats
  • Manual data entry and import of meter reading data from non-AMR meters


Meter reading Integrator supports meters from different vendors through application programming interface (API) provided by respective manufacturers, using MIOS architecture.
Meter data collection Data can be collected from a large installed base of meters over GSM/GPRS communication media.
Database support Oracle database to store and organise data from a large number of energy meters.
Client support Software supports data viewing on web clients connected on intranet.
Meter data viewing Integrator provides meter data viewing in different graphical and tabular formats.
Missed data support Missed data can be entered manually or imported via HHU/CSV files.
User management Comprehensive user management to prevent unauthorised access to meter data.
Customer and asset management Efficient and secure management of customer and asset information.
Data conversion Software converts meter data from manufacturers’ proprietary formats to common data format (XML) using conversion API provided by respective manufacturers. This enables easy integration with third-party software and efficient storage of data.


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