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Product at a glance

Accurate and interoperable comms with advanced event detection for LV, MV and HV metering


The Premier series is a family of CT / VT-operated meters which offers flexible time-of-use tariff metering and communications capabilities. The latest addition to this new family is Premier 500, equipped with enhanced event detection capabilities and an interoperable DLMS communication protocol. It is available in various accuracy classes and wiring configurations.


  • CT / VT-operated industrial and commercial billing purpose
  • Remote data collection for billing and consumption analysis
  • Transformer metering, boundary metering and substation monitoring


  • Offers variety of options to suit utility needs
  • High precision metering
  • Revenue protection
  • Suitable for performing load analysis and energy audit


  • True four-quadrant metering
  • Import / Export metering and forwarded metering option for LT / HT systems
  • Support for high-voltage and low-voltage distribution transformer metering events, as well as under and over-loading events
  • Time of day metering with maximum demand registration and automatic billing
  • Backlit LCD display with annunciators for various critical events
  • Continuous display of the desired parameter through scroll lock feature
  • High-resolution energy display mode for dial test
  • Remote meter reading over DLMS protocol through RS 232 / RS 485 port
  • Voltage, current, and magnetic event detection features
  • Two metrology LEDs for accuracy testing of different energy types
  • Battery-operated meter reading in the absence of mains power





Connection type


CT / VT-operated

Wiring configuration 

3-phase 4-wire

3-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 4-wire

Voltage range

240 V(P-N)

110 V(P-P), 63.5 V(P-N)

Current range

-/5(10) A

-/5(10)A or -/1(2)A


Class 0.5s

Class 0.2s, 0.5s

Applicable to both LV and HV

Mains frequency 

50 Hz ± 5 per cent


As per standards



IS 14697, IS 15959 part 1

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