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Product at a glance

Water heating boost control

This simple boost control is intended for use with electric water heating systems when the immersion heater(s) are controlled by the Electricity Company’s Radio Teleswitch, Radio Telemeter or Tariff time-switch. The BX2000 allows the user to ‘top up’ the hot water if extra supplies are needed during the daytime, with the main water heating taking place overnight, using off-peak electricity.


  • For use with Off-peak overnight tariffs - with or without an extra day time Off-peak period - where a tankful of hot water is available each morning and a boost timer is required to provide a ‘top-up’ facility during the day time


  • Makes the most effective use of the latest cheap-rate tariff structures, electronically
  • Always gives priority to Off-peak supply
  • Simiplified installation
  • Easy 1-hour or 2-hour boost


  • 1-hour or 2-hour boost.
  • Automatically cancels any boost that has been selected prior to the Off-peak supply becoming available
  • Indicator lights show when ‘boost’ or ‘Off-peak’ are operational
  • Separate indicator lights for 1 and 2-hour boost selection
  • Separate boost cancel button
  • Incorporates 2 double pole switches - 1 for 24-hour supply and 1 for Off-peak
  • Accepts all incoming and outgoing wiring for single, dual, or 2 separate 3kw immersion heater applications.



Contact rating 13 Amps 230V AC Suitable for immersion heaters up to 3kw
Contact type Disconnection to immersion heater on double-pole switch
Power supply 230 V 50Hz
Pollution degree Degree 2
Enclosure protection IP30
Shock protection Class 1
Live parts Enclosed
Operating temperature range 0 °C to 35 °C
Time period 1 or 2 hours
Dimensions 170 x 115 x 62mm
British standards Designed to meet BS-EN 60730-2-7