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Beanbag Cool is a solution to help run your cooling systems more efficiently and conveniently. The solution comprises of 500 and 600 series of thermostats and a mobile and web app, which allow you to mange dispersed cooling systems simply and easily, anytime, anywhere

Beanbag Cool 500 thermostat series for split and window AC systems and Beanbag Cool 600 thermostat series for Fan coil units (FCU).

Beanbag Cool 500 thermostat series support any air conditioner that has an infrared (IR) remote control with a display. It will not work with an AC that does not have a remote, or a remote without a display.

Your thermostat will automatically receive the latest software updates over Wi-Fi with Internet connectivity.

Beanbag Cool 500 thermostat series includes a thermostat and a set of screws.

Beanbag Cool 600 thermostat series includes a thermostat, mounting plate, external temperature sensor and a set of screws.

Note: An optional fascia plate (white) is available on demand as an accessory. Wiring and connection details are printed on the packaging.


Beanbag Cool 500 thermostat series and

Beanbag Cool 600 thermostat series QIG

Documentation is only available in English (at present), and can be downloaded at

For routine usage the thermostat and app may consume approx 0.5 MB per day. However, data consumption depends on your usage pattern.

This may happen sometimes if the font size settings of your mobile phone are set to very large. To fix this, tap Settings>Display>Font size. Next reduce the font size point to medium or less.

Energy Management

We recommend the following settings:

  • Choose the Comfortable band in Comfort mode to allow for a more efficient and economical use of your AC.
  • Keep the Economy settings enabled.
  • Set schedules as required to manage your consumption.
  • Limit the range of operation between 24 to 30 degrees in Customise mode and Comfortable to Warm in Comfort band using the mobile/web app

Installation and commissioning

Using the Beanbag Cool mobile/web app and a Wi-Fi enabled router with Internet connectivity.

Please contact the Beanbag technical support team at 1800-30000-101 (Valid in India)

  • Retry
  • Check the placement of the thermostat and ensure it is not exposed to direct sunlight (external noise interference)
  • No obstacle between device and AC receiver (LOS)
  • Use the remote to control the AC from the same location as your Thermostat. If you can’t do it, you may require moving the Thermostat and placing it between LOS.
  • If you still cannot verify, re-learn the command


  • Bluetooth and location services are enabled on the mobile
  • The mobile phone is within range of the thermostat
  • If the problem persists, Power ON/OFF the thermostat and try again.

If commissioning is still in progress, press Cancel and restart the commissioning process.

If commissioning is complete, click the device settings icon and further click Split AC learning to relearn.

No. Each thermostat needs a separate external sensor.

You must set the maximum possible temperature and fan speed on your remote and learn that command to complete the process. For example, set 32 degrees and high fan speed on your remote.

Click Device settings>Add remove sensors to check the serial number and MAC ID of the paired sensor


The entered Wi-Fi credentials (SSID and Password) are correct.

Ensure that your mobile is also connected with the same SSID.

The device is within the Wi-Fi range.

Refer the Beanbag Cool 500 thermostat series and Beanbag Cool 600 thermostat series QIG for detailed router specifications

Installation (Network)

We recommend using the Wi-Fi analyser tool to check the signal strength. The recommended range for healthy communication with the device is between -30 to -70 dBm.

Installation (Physical)

To remove the device, turn OFF the MCB. Refer to the Beanbag Cool 500 thermostat series and Beanbag Cool 600 thermostat series QIG for details.

Refer to the Beanbag Cool 600 thermostat series QIG.

Note: If you are replacing an old electromagnetic type thermostat with Beanbag Cool 600 thermostat series, you may need an additional Neutral wire.

Before you begin installation ensure:

  • For new installation – Identify the wires and label accordingly.
  • For replacement – Take a picture of your old thermostat connections and label accordingly.

Check through visual inspection:

1. Fan speed- High, medium and low

2. Valve status- ON/OFF

Monitoring & Control

No. Beanbag Cool works on Wi-Fi and does not support Backnet, KNX, Modbus or other protocols used with BMS. Beanbag Cool has a proprietary web / mobile app for control and monitoring.

If internet or Wi-Fi connectivity is lost, the commissioned thermostats will continue to function as a standalone device to provide you thermal comfort. However, control and monitoring will not be available via the mobile/Web app. The thermostat will automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi once the network is restored.

Check if local control has been disabled via mobile / web app. To verify, press any button on the device, a lock symbol will appear on the product display indicating that control has been disabled. (applicable for Beanbag Cool 600 thermostat series only).

The icon may indicate one of the following:

  • Thermostat not within BLE range of the external temperature sensor.
  • External sensor battery discharged.
  • Incorrect MAC ID/serial number of the sensor entered during pairing

The update will be applied to the device when power resumes after the scheduled time.

Before you change the router credentials, you must update the Wi-Fi credentials of the connected devices via web/mobile app or else the devices will go offline.

No, you can only create a weekly schedule.

Yes, but it will be applicable only for the currently scheduled time interval. After that the schedule will continue as defined.


For 600 series, you can set ON (Comfort), OFF and Away modes.

For 500 series, you can set ON (Comfort) and OFF modes.

Maximum 6 and minimum 1 time intervals can be defined in a day schedule.

Device will automatically switch to Away mode and all control (remote and local) will be disabled.

Device will automatically switch to Comfortable setting in Comfort mode by default.

The last state before power loss will be retained except for the key tag version. In case of the key tag version the device will switch to Comfortable setting in Comfort mode by default.

Yes. Under Device settings, in the Mobile/web app, you can limit the range of control in both Comfort and Customise mode. You cannot change these settings on the thermostat locally.

Choose this mode, when rooms or properties are left vacant. This will maintain a fixed temperature and circulation of air in the room to protect your assets.

Registration and Login

The Beanbag account can be created through the mobile or web app. To create the account, download the Beanbag Cool app from the Apple or Play store and follow the instructions. You will receive activation OTP on your registered email address.

If you don’t receive the activation OTP within 5 minutes, check your Spam folder and look for an email from If you don’t see it, tap Resend to have the OTP sent again. If you still don’t receive it, please contact the Beanbag technical support team at 1800-30000-101 (Valid in India)


1) The username and password is correct

2) Internet connectivity is available

3) Your account is not deactivated for 24 hours due to multiple failed login attempts.

Trouble shooting

Check if:

1) Thermostat is Powered ON

2) Router is switched ON and internet is connected

3) Device is within the Wi-Fi range


  • For a malfunctioning valve (in FCU type cooling systems).
  • If wiring is in accordance with the installation instructions (for Beanbag Cool 600 thermostat series devices).
  • Check your mains power supply
  • Check your wiring connections
  • Check the ON/OFF button (at the top) status. Amber light indicates it has been turned OFF. Press the button again to turn it ON again.

User rights & Ownership

Yes, a single Beanbag Cool system can be accessed/managed by multiple users. Owner can give admin/user rights to others users.

Beanbag Cool supports the following user types:

  • Owner- An owner is the user who creates the system and has the privileges to transfer the ownership, invite new users (admin/user), modify, revoke and delete user roles in addition to control and monitor the devices in the system.
  • Admin- An admin is the user authorised by the system owner and has the privileges to invite new admin /users, modify, revoke and delete user roles, and configure device settings in addition to control and monitor the devices in the system.
  • Users- A user has restricted privileges such as viewing the user list, controlling the devices, turning a device ON/OFF.

Yes. In the mobile/web app, tap Manage users > User > Remove user

In the mobile/web app, tap System settings > Transfer system and follow the process.

In the mobile/web app, tap Manage users. Select the user and tap Change role. Select the desired role and tap Save.