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Product at a glance

High precision, comprehensive power quality measurements multiple communications channels, easy integration

ProQ 100 is a true innovation that combines precision class revenue metering with leading edge power quality measurement. The product range covers HV and MV configurations for applications at different hierarchy levels in generation, transmission and distribution grids. ProQ 100 provides a wide range of features and meets high accuracy standards while providing power quality measurements in line with the latest power quality standards. ProQ 100 is well suited for use by grid operators and industrial customers to:
  • Monitor and manage electricity grids and energy contracts
  • Monitor supply quality and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Analyze industrial plant supply networks for disturbances (origin) and impact on sensitive loads
With the flexibility to retrofit/upgrade existing systems, multiple communications channels and standard protocol support, ProQ 100 is easy to integrate with multiple systems for simultaneous communications (e.g. power quality monitoring, SCADA and remote meter reading applications).


  • High precision revenue metering
  • Contracts requiring compliance with latest power quality standards e.g. IEC 61000-4-30 Class A
  • Installations requiring compliance verification with voltage supply standards e.g. EN50160, IS 17036
  • Requirement of harmonic control i.e. IEEE 519
  • Harmonic analysis for power quality problems for both voltage & current upto 50th harmonic
  • Integrated power quality monitoring and analysis solution for utility supply and industrial networks
  • Providing metering and power quality (PQ) data to substation and industrial automation systems


  • Accurate measurements for energy contracts
  • Power quality measurements in accordance with latest standards
  • Multiple industry standard communications ports
  • Multiple protocols for integration with SCADA and other automation systems (e.g. IEC 61850, Modbus)
  • Easy retrofit for all rack-mounting meters
  • Large, high-resolution graphical display with intuitive interface
  • Comprehensive power quality monitoring and analytics, using ProQ View® software


  • PQ measurements certified to IEC 61000-4-30 class A and instrument to IEC 62586-2
  • Power quality events logging for sag, swell, interruption and rapid voltage change
  • Harmonics and inter-harmonics up to 50th order
  • Distortion factors THD, TDD, THD-I, THD2550 and waveform quality indices e.g. K factor and crest factor
  • Transients recording and reporting
  • Unbalance including positive, negative and zero sequence measurements
  • Comprehensive logging of instantaneous, energy and power quality parameters (dual loggers)
  • Voltage and current recording for pre and post event analysis with RMS value (half-cycle) capture
  • Built-in web server to access real-time values and powerful analytical capability through ProQ View ŸPower Quality data interface using PQDIF over ftp


Connection types HV4/HV3
Measurement voltage range 3 x 57.7/100 or 3 x 63.5/110 (3P4W) | 2 x 100….120 V (3P3W)
Measurement current range In: 1..5A | Imax: up to 10 A (configurable)
Energy Class: 0.2S
Voltage 0.1% for measurement range of voltage & current
Current 0.1% for measurement range of voltage & current
Power Class: 0.2S, or better for measurement range of voltage & current
Frequency ±0.01 Hz
Burden of measurement inputs with auxiliary supply Current circuit: <0.01 VA/phase @1A | <0.25 VA/phase @5A
Maximum overload voltage on voltage measurement inputs 1.5 x Vnom continuously | 2 x Vnom for 0.5 sec
Maximum overload current on current measurement inputs 1.2 x Imax continuously | 10 x Imax for 3 sec | 20 x Imax for 1 sec
Metering IEC62052-11 and IEC62053-22, IEC62053-24, IS14697, IS15959
Power quality IEC61000-4-30 Ed. 3 (Class A), IEC62586-2, IEC61000-4-7, IEC61000-2-4, IEC61000-3-8, IEC61000-4-15, EN50160, IS 17036, IEEE 519-2014, IEEE 1159.3 (PQDIF)
Safety IEC61010-1
Electromagnetic compliance CISPR 22 (class A) for radiated and conducted emissions IEC61000-4-2 (electrostatic discharge), IEC61000-4-3 (radiated susceptibility), IEC61000-4-4 (electric fast transients), IEC61000-4-5 (surge & impulse), IEC61000-4-6 (conducted susceptibility), IEC61000-4-12 (damped oscillatory waves)
Terminals Thread-through design suitable for current up to 200 A
Dimensions Rack as per DIN 43862 and IEC 60297
Sealing provision Meter, rack and back terminals