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Product at a glance

eWatch DSM is an online bulk-power monitoring solution for different entities responsible for maintaining grid discipline. It provides an appropriate mechanism for drawl dispatch scheduling day-ahead and intra-day. The solution provides insights into provisional and final schedule details. This scalable, robust, and modular solution is in line with the Scheduling, Accounting, Metering, and Settlement of electricity Transaction (SAMAST) framework.      


  • Online bulk-power monitoring for generating plants, distribution utilities, open-access customers and renewable generators.
  • DSM (Deviation Settlement Mechanism) bill verification for auxiliary power consumption monitoring for generating plants
  • Transmission system energy audit


  • Robust and high availability data acquisition system
  • Monitors incentive / penalty for grid parameters
  • Revenue monitoring, such as fixed charges, energy charges, deviation charges and incentives under ancillary services
  • Manages grid discipline effectively
  • Easy schedule deviation bill verification
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) based service support
  • Future proof solution for 15/5 minutes interval DSM settlement
  • Centralised deviation monitoring of multiple generating plants


  • 100 per cent data collection with the intelligence of automatic missing data read
  • Automatic network switching (OFC / MPLS, dual SIM)
  • Reliable and automatic time synch mechanism
  • Time drift is automatically adjusted
  • Logical data processing and validation for billing and energy audit
  • Data interface with an external billing system
  • Detailed diagnostic dashboard, alarms and event notifications
  • Web-based interface for schedule management
  • Virtual grouping and configurable business rules

Application module(s)

Application module(s)

Data Acquisition System (DAS)

  • Online monitoring over ethernet or RS485
  • Auto-read of missing load survey data via DLMS TCP / IP
  • Supports MPLS / OFC / 4G fallback to 2G
  • Time sync with GPS clock or NTP server
  • Mobile application for meter read (No-WAN)
  • *Hot redundancy for database and application

Meter Data Processing (MDP)

  • Meter data validation for billing purposes
  • Validation for data completeness and correctness
  • Comparison of main, check and standby meter data
  • Audit trail for configuration and rule change




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