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Product at a glance

Intelligent and reliable AMR

Skyline E90 is a next generation IoT ready intelligent modem for data transfer between DLMS compliant electronic energy meter and a central server over the NB-IoT/GPRS communication network. Working in conjunction with eWatch readIT (DAS), it provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for automatic meter reading (AMR). The modem can be programmed for automated scheduled and on demand meter readings, near real time event detection and power outage notification to the central server seamlessly. This extends the role of Skyline E90 beyond traditional modem to intelligent modem with enhanced security measures.


  • Remote meter reading of HT/LVCT, DT, Feeder meter
  • Billing and Audit
  • Outage monitoring
  • DT health monitoring


  • Increase the installation efficiency through plug-n-play facility and automatic network parameter registration
  • Operational flexibility and support all type of DLMS meter
  • Fall back technology support i.e. GPRS
  • Efficient and reliable automated data collection and push to
  • Data Acquisition system via AMR.
  • Reduced logistical costs: Compact in size and works on single-phase or three-phase supplies.


  • 3GPP standard compliant
  • DNS based configuration to avoid IP change management hassle
  • IPv4 & IPv6 compatible
  • NB-IoT/GPRS modem with built-in three phase power supply
  • Data push schedule type: 15 min/Hourly/Daily/Monthly
  • Compatible for data collection of DLMS compliant meters
  • Automated meter data push to secured FTP server on predefined schedule frequency
  • On demand reading facility
  • Automatic notification for meter events and supply outage.
  • Communication status indication via 3 different colored LED
  • Nano SIM supported with sealing provision
  • ’Break to open' plastic enclosure to avoid tampering
  • Wall & slide based easy installation within meter box.
  • Compact size
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