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Product at a glance

Liberty Gas 120, a new generation smart gas meter, is an integral part of Secure’s time-tested and successful Liberty product family. It is a G1.6 sized compact residential smart gas meter that uses thermal mass flow measurement technology, allowing it to be installed in any orientation. Simple, easy-to-install and commission, it has a bi-directional communication that seamlessly connects with Secure’s prepaid head-end system (HES). This enables smooth data collection, configurations and prepayment operations, all backed by robust data security.


  • Residential and commercial gas metering


  • Facilitates reconciliation using daily consumption data
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Improves revenue collection efficiency through prepayment functionality
  • Eliminates the cost of manual reading, bill processing, generation, distribution and collection
  • Serves long life in the field
  • Switchable between prepay and credit mode in the field
  • Facilitates dispute settlement by keeping history data record
  • Accurate metering using compensated temperature and pressure values
  • Fully electronic measurement (instead of mechanical moving parts)


  • NB-IoT technology ensures reliable and scalable remote communication
  • Integrated isolation shut-off valve operation provides critical safety alerts, and an intelligent firmware platform in the Liberty gas 120 can deliver smart metering use cases.
  • Accurate measurement of the blending of biomethane and Hydrogen with PNG
  • Supports prepayment, accounting and credit modes
  • Friendly credit facility to prevent disconnection during nonsocial hours
  • Emergency credit facility to help consumers manage their account
  • Easy debt recovery mechanism
  • Local wireless communication support as a fallback mechanism to address no-WAN cases through the consumer mobile app
  • Display access via keypad
  • Logging of tamper events and critical alerts