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Product at a glance

Electronic index gas meter

Liberty EG4v 12 is an intelligent diaphragm based prepayment gas meter with G1.6 measurement unit, electronic index and isolation valve which is ideal for low flow rate installations for residential segment. Liberty EG4v 12 supports Pay As You Go (PAYG) mode of operation. The meter uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) communication to connect with mobile application. Consumer's mobile application is used to generate top-up/recharge token and transfers it to meter.


  • Prepayment mode:
    • domestic customers
    • small commercial customers


  • Customer
    • Upfront payment, better cashflow
    • Reduced operational cost – no need to generate and distribute bills
    • No commercial loss - zero debt
  • Consumer
    • Purchase of gas as per need
    • Consumption info in monetary terms.
    • Predictable expenses, helps in budgeting


  • Enhanced accuracy achieved through electronic calibration
    • Prepayment mode
    • Integrated isolation valve
    • Supports tariff change in field
    • Logging of billing data, events including tamper detection
    • Keypad for local entry of recharge token
  • Display of current and historical consumption with cost of consumption data
  • Friendly credit – to avoid disconnection during odd hours and weekends/holiday
  • Emergency credit – reserve credit for limited use


Meter rating G1.6 Qmin 0.016m3/hr Cmax 2.5m3/hr
Working pressure Up to 0.5 bar
Cyclic volume 0.0012m3
Gas types Natural gas
Standards MID Class1.5 EN 1359
ATEX Ex II 3 G Ex ic IIA T6
Dimensions (W x H x D) 237 mm x 247 mm x 174 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Enclosure Electronic Index – flame retardant polycarbonate
Gas meter – powder coated steel case
Battery Field-replaceable battery
Isolation value Rated for 2000 cycles (2000 ON and 2000 OFF operations)
Ingress protection IP54 (EN60529)
Temperature -10°C to +55°C (operating), -25°C to +55°C (storage)
Humidity 95% non-condensing


Our meter has an Emergency Credit facility (if offered by the CGD) that allows you to ‘borrow’ money from the meter if your credit runs low. The meter will display an alert to let you know:

On accepting the EC offer, you will have access to ‘Emergency Credit’ amount when your balance reaches ₹ 0.


If you top-up while in EC, don’t forget to:

  • Fully repay the credit that you’ve used.
  • Ensure that the meter is topped up by some amount in addition to the EC amount, to avoid immediate loss of supply.
    For example, if you’ve used ₹ 10 of EC, then you’ll need to top-up with at
    least ₹ 15 or more.


  • You should only use EC in an emergency.
  • If you don’t top up your meter in time, your EC will run out and your gas supply will go off.

Our Friendly Credit feature means you never lose supply during evenings, weekends or public holidays* – even if your Emergency Credit runs out, or has not been activated.
The meter automatically enters in Friendly Credit mode every day from 6pm** until 10am* the next working day – giving you plenty of time to top-up your supply.

Emergency Credit Available Friendly Credit Available
Mon- Fri 10am* – 6pm* Yes No
Mon- Fri 6pm* – 10am* Yes Yes
Sat & Sun, public holidays* Yes Yes


*These holidays will be as per your CGD.
**This may be subject to change

If you want to know how much you need to repay (including the Emergency and Friendly credit you’ve used) to reconnect your supply, press key 7 twice.


You must top up the meter with some positive amount in addition to the repay amount to reconnect the supply.

If your gas supply goes off, first check the screen on your meter.

  • If the meter is ‘ON’ and there’s credit in the meter, then you should contact 180030000046
  • If the meter display is ‘OFF’ and you’ve just topped up the meter, the safety valve must be turned on. To restore the supply refer 12.

You must restore your supply from the meter directly. To restore supply, first top-up back in to some positive credit. Then press ‘A’ followed by ‘B’.

Your supply will only turn off outside of our Friendly credit hours*.
Before restoring your gas supply, ensure all gas appliances are turned off.
*These hours will be as per your CGD.

For more details click here.