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Product at a glance

Smart, simple and informative – empowering users to conserve energy

Pipit 500 is a range of in-home displays that are developed to meet the growing global smart metering requirements. The in-home displays are a part of the extensive range of home control products and services from Secure. Pipit supports electricity and gas dual fuel installations and has been designed to meet requirements for smart metering in-home displays at an affordable price. It is designed to keep customers engaged with their energy usage by showing consumption information through a user-friendly speed dial and numerical displays. Customers can easily see their current consumption in energy and monetary terms, and see historical information with an estimate of how long their credit will last. Information is shown on a backlit touch screen interface. Pipit is capable of remote firmware upgrades after installation to allow features and functionality to be changed. It is compatible with smart metering solutions with Zigbee SEP certified meters.


  • In-home display for single and dual fuel domestic customers in both Credit and Pay as You Go (PAYG) modes
  • In-premise display for credit and PAYG metering in small commercial premises


  • Supports electricity and gas meters in credit and PAYG modes
  • Assists consumers in reducing energy consumption
  • User-friendly speed dial displays help keep customers engaged with their energy use
  • Provides customers with ‘time of use’ tariff
  • Easy-to-understand display of current charging rate and when next charging rate becomes active
  • Simple installation, registration and pairing process


  • Meets requirements of SMETS1 and SSWG
  • For each supported meter customers can view:
    • current usage
    • cost of current usage
    • current charging rate and when next rate becomes active
    • graphical record of consumption and cost with comparison against previous days or weeks
    • messages sent from utility head end system
  • If one or both meters are in PAYG mode, customers can view:
    • remaining credit in money terms
    • estimate of how long remaining credit should last based on recent consumption history
    • friendly and emergency credit status
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Inter-operable with SSWG compliant smart meter communication hubs
  • Backup battery allows use of IHD when electricity is disconnected
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