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Nitika & Neha Sharma

Came 2016, and along with it a series of fresh Khoj experiments. Living by the concept of bringing science alive, Khoj core committee for Solan started working to streamline the existing process for better execution. The core committee is responsible for the initial school interaction, planning school visits, maintaining the records of the visits and other data. The design team took the ownership of designing new and interactive experiments, timely maintenance of all the existing experiments and issuing the experiments. The designers ensured that all the experiments were in running condition before being taken for school visits.

Six school visiting teams comprising a total of 72 participants, and five experiment design teams comprising a total of 30 participants were formed, each with a dedicated team leader. Team leaders ensured that the participants were well versed with the logics behind the experiments. It is paramount for us that the science concepts are shared with the students in a way that brings out the little explorer in them and our employees made sure of engaging them well.

School visits were kicked off in the beginning of the financial year and till now a total of 15 visits have been conducted. What is noteworthy is that the actual number of visits is exactly the same as were in the plan. Solan employees got a chance to interact with almost 1000 students from 13 different schools in this duration. This effort would not have yielded such results without the cooperation of the schools involved, and of course the whole hearted involvement of our Solan employees.

Going by our belief of “There is always a better way of doing things”, we believe that there is huge scope to attain perfection here. Our way forward will include building strong and cordial associations with the schools; increase our reach and participation of our employees by including the Operator level workforce as well, and introducing a variety of new experiments. Khoj is a concept which is well understood across Secure group. What is important is that each one of us feel the essence of it and directs our efforts towards making each Khoj visit a memorable one, not only for us but also for the budding scholars!!