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Simran Choudhary

“Change the way you look at things and things you see will change”. Great things can come into existence from an idea. It all depends on how nicely each brick of idea is laid to form a strong foundation. From the day I came to know about the idea of ISCD, it amazed me a lot. The intention and effort made to encourage young minds was phenomenal. It started with a brainstorming session with lots of ideas and discussion. In the second session, during the briefing, to my utter surprise, there was something unique for each different age group so they could create their vision for 2040. The idea of the world in 2040 could be understood in many different ways, and right from the start, equal importance and opportunity was given to students of all ages. We worked to give kids of every every age a chance to think freely and implement their thoughts. This was a great learning on our part also. For me it was a great learning and opportunity.

The charm and vigour in students is unmatchable and we should bring it back in our adult lives. The uniqueness in their way of thinking is worth mentioning and if given proper wings and opportunity, they can make wonders happen. I think the initiative taken will not only inspire them but also help us understand what society needs from us.

It was great for me to be part of such a team. I realised many lessons and learnt a lot. A team is like five fingers of one hand, each with its specialty. When leading a team, one should know how these can be used. Effective collaboration allows everyone to have fun and also get the work done. I feel thankful for the opportunity to be part of such great event.

These are few lines for Secure as a note of gratitude:

“Learning is its passion,

Warm welcome is its culture.

For trainees, it is Gurukul,

Which watches them discover.

Encouragement is its attribute

And Quality, its concern.

I am happy to be here,

As I can navigate and

Explore the ocean.

It watches them discover,

This is the way we learn and grow together.”