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Keeping older adults safe and warm in their homes

A significant number of older adults are admitted to hospital because conditions in the home, such as damp or poorly controlled heating, have caused ill health. Exposure to inappropriate levels of carbon-monoxide compromises health even more dramatically.

Our solution uses sensors and artificial intelligence to maintain a safe and comfortable environment. Should our system detect unsafe temperature or humidity levels, or if safe limits for carbon monoxide are exceeded, alerts can be sent to families. The user is in control but has the comfort of knowing our solution is safeguarding them against danger, discomfort and high-energy costs that smarter use of environmental controls and monitoring could avoid. Being able to monitor and maintain a healthy, safe and comfortable home environment has a positive impact on physical and mental health and can reduce the need for hospitalisation. It also provides reassurance that patients can be discharged from hospital into a safe home environment.

Prevent exacerbation of existing medical conditions

Maintaining healthy air quality and a thermally appropriate environment at home can help reduce the effects of high humidity on respiratory conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, while our sensors also detect unsafe CO levels harmful to health.

Help service users live safely at home for longer

Humidity, temperature and carbon monoxide are extremely detrimental to long-term health if they are not kept within safe limits. Using a few sensors and well-researched algorithms, it is very easy to keep all three within safe limits. Our technology is clever enough to identify when safe limits are exceeded, and immediately informs care providers, family and friends.

Lower energy costs

Our thermostat technology uses data from sensors in the house and is able to reduce the overall cost of heating a home. This will ensure that the same amount of money spent on energy by the service user will deliver more.

Prepare more easily for CQC audits

Today, the risks associated with long-term illnesses or poor living environments can not be evidenced in CQC audits. Councils and care providers can use the actions that they have initiated in service users’ homes to evidence that they are working on providing a safe living environment with proactive risk management.

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