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Instant feedback on quality of care

Managing staff, ensuring quality of care and meeting regulatory obligations is vital, time-consuming and costly. With pragmatic use of technology, our solution can optimise operational costs and improve care provision, without increasing costs.

Using bespoke data capturing technology in each service user’s home we collect information about care providers’ attendance, tasks completed and care quality feedback, simply and instantly. Data analysis using in-stream processing identifies those providing exemplary care and those who need to improve.

This systematic method for capturing feedback from users and their families is timely and without bias. We believe it is the best way to drive continuous service improvement. Analysis of resource utilisation also allows providers to plan more holistically and predict future pinch-points in resource availability.

Improve quality of care

At a fundamental level, it is hard to get unbiased, regular and good quality feedback from service users or their families. Often feedback is sought and received long after care has been administered, which diminishes its accuracy and usefulness. We offer a method to provide instant feedback on a randomised and regular basis, so that an accurate picture of quality can be built by those who pay for care and those who deliver it.

Improve the quality of carer visits

An older adult wants to know the right person is coming at the right time to deliver their care. Our service automatically informs the older adult in advance who is caring for them and when they are arriving. Our system also informs the service user of any changes ahead of time, so there are no surprises. This reduces considerable stress and provides absolute peace of mind.

Radically reduce administrative costs, integrate scheduling and monitoring of care quality

Our technology spots and reports on exceptions. This radically reduces administrative costs as there is no requirement to constantly monitor the workforce. We also identify and generate reports to highlight good quality carers and the ones who need improvement, allowing care managers to more effectively train and upskill those carers, using the information provided.

Prepare more easily for CQC audits

Preparing for CQC audits will no longer be a painful task. Using the data generated, we prepare regular reports that are essential for care providers to improve operational performance. The same reports show any auditors that the operations are well led and continuously improving.

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