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Reliable alerts and response to falls

When someone has fallen over, the sooner they receive help, the faster they will recover. A pendant alarm is only effective if it is worn, the service user is conscious when they fall and they are able to operate it.

Our technology identifies a fall without the need for a wearable device. Once our system detects a fall, the service user will receive an audible and written message on their tablet to inform that help is on its way. They have the option to cancel this if they have not hurt themselves.

Sense falls unobtrusively

Present technology relies on a service user wearing a pendant alarm around their neck or wrist. Our machine learning system is able to predict that a service user has fallen without the need for a pendant, and it is completely unobtrusive in their home.

Get help quickly

Once a fall has been detected, an alert is sent to a chosen family member or friend. If they are unable to help, this alert will escalate automatically to a response centre where a call agent will contact emergency services if needed.

Avoid more expensive interventions

Quick, reliable response to a fall results in faster recovery and better long term emotional and psychological health. Reducing the need for statutory service involvement radically reduces the costs associated with long-term care.

Prepare more easily for CQC audits

Preparing for CQC audits will no longer be a painful task. Using the data generated, we prepare regular reports that are essential for care providers to improve operational performance. By addressing a huge area of risk, care providers are able to show that they are leading the way in ensuring quick and full recovery after falls.

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