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Webinar 1

Webinar 1

Event Start Date: 20201209
Event End Date: 20201209
Venue: Zoom

Welcome to the 'Talking Care: The Business' registration page for 5pm, Wednesday 9th December

Hosted by care innovator Secure, developer of Beanbag Care, this free webinar will explain how new, intelligent technology is unlocking four of the key barriers to home care business growth:
• Increasing your capacity: The equivalent of increasing your staff numbers by up to 20%
• Monitoring and improving care quality: For the first time view customer feedback after every visit
• Keeping your carers caring: Enables carers to care for the right people at the right time
• Generating extra income: Generates useful new revenue every month


The webinar will include presentations from industry experts, a chance to ask questions, and will last no more than an hour.


Register to hear a clear, jargon free presentation that will:
• Explain how technology will improve home care and help reverse the increasing care gap caused by an aging population and complex care needs
• Clarify how home data gathering and analytics deliver real-world care benefits
• Discuss how technology will enable people to live at home for longer – and allow you to care for them profitably