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Product at a glance

eWatch Online is a web based service for monitoring energy consumption, cost, operational efficiency and system status. It provides all the information an organisation needs to manage its power system and reduce its energy costs. It enables the performance of the energy system to be optimised, through features including consumption monitoring, analysis of emissions and alerts issued using mobile technology.


  • Industry, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)
  • Factories, offices, commercial buildings, hotels and institutions
  • Industries and buildings purchasing power under open access
  • Distributed generators and discrete loads
  • Sub-tenant billing
  • Multi-location retail chains


  • Helps create cost awareness for utility consumption (electricity,gas, heat and water)
  • Isolate waste from efficiency
  • Set realistic targets for energy consumption
  • Verify the effectiveness of operational charges
  • Learn where and when energy is consumed
  • Carbon emissions through meaningful real-time displays
  • Monitor the performance of geographically distributed assets as required, even while on the move
  • Enables and encourages active participation by managers and staff
  • Provides accurate information from any location with internet access
  • Helps energy efficiency certification targets to be met
  • Affordable licensing arrangements spread the cost and provide lifetime savings


  • Real-time personalized dashboards
  • Shift wise energy monitoring and analysis
  • Consumption reports for energy groups
  • User configurable spreadsheet based reports
  • Production data can be entered
  • Historical graphs and trends
  • 'Virtual meters' for in-depth analysis of a group
  • Provision to integrate gas, heat and water
  • Tariff module for cost calculations
  • Target demand and open access schedule monitoring
  • Alerts for deviations from targeted consumption
  • Downloadable reports via e-mail or spreadsheet
  • Choice of package to suit individual need

Mobile app

Facilitates all the monitoring and alerts feature over mobile app.

On demand reports

  • Consumption: daily, monthly, shift-wise daily and monthly, savings per interval
  • Maximum demand: daily and interval-wise saving
  • Parameter report: daily
  • Min/max: daily
  • Bill report: monthly
  • Meter replacement: by day
  • Non-electric consumption: daily, monthly and savings per interval
  • Specific energy consumption: daily, monthly and daily per shift
  • DG consumption on/off: daily, monthly and savings per interval
  • Actual demand versus target: daily
  • Carbon footprint: monthly