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Product at a glance

Timely and accurate system for bulk power monitoring

eWatch ss is an online monitoring system designed specifically to assist entities wishing to contribute to grid discipline. Boundary point scan be monitored from a central location with respect to charges for energy, demand and unscheduled interchanges (UI) under the Deviation Settlement Mechanism (DSM) as per ABT (Availability Based Tariff) in India, while managing the impact of revenue from the sale or purchase of power under changing grid conditions. Online monitoring of substations and data centres are possible without using ABT features also. eWatch ss provides all the information an entity needs to manage its DSM system requirements and to help reduce UI deviations. It has powerful contract management features for handling the agreements between different entities, as well as schedule management, a configurable UI rules engine, UI prediction, virtual group management, system generated alarms, configurable dashboards and reports to help the user in making effective decisions. It is designed to deliver reliability, robustness and scalability.


  • State and central transmission companies
  • Central and state generating stations
  • Independent power producers (IPP) and captive power plant (CPP)
  • Open access (OA) entities
  • Renewable generators, such as wind and solar
  • Distribution companies
  • Railways


  • Enables participants to avoid deviation penalties
  • Local sub-station and central control centre on line monitoring through dashboards and MIMIC diagrams
  • Facilitate to verify deviation bill charges
  • Facility to update UI rules ŸIntegrates main, check and standby meters
  • Facility to integrate with energy audit and billing systems
  • Capacity to handle large deployments with faster refresh rates, using Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)
  • Integration facility through OPC


  • Modbus, DLMS-ICS protocol support
  • Solution with TCP/IP and/or RS-485 network
  • Missing data read facility
  • Communication agnostic – MPLS, OFC, VPN and 3G/4G etc.
  • Contract management (short, medium and long term)
  • Schedule management (multiple entity and multiple stages)
  • User configurable virtual groups and business rules/ABT tariffs
  • Configure alarms, alerts over SMS or email
  • System diagnostic and monitoring dashboard, MIMICs/single line diagrams
  • Time synchronization


Packages Professional Professional ABT Enterprise Enterprise ABT
No. of max. meter supported Up to 100 Up to 100 Up to 15,000 Up to 15,000
No. of concurrent users Up to 20 Up to 20 Up to 50 Up to 50
Local and central deployment
Online monitoring
Basic features (alarms, dashboard,virtual, group, SLD, mimic, reports)
Refreshrate* 5 sec/1.15 min 5 sec/1.15 min 1.15 min** 1.15 min**
Configurable tariff engine
ABT contract management
ABT schedule management
* Selective update of 30 min/hourly/daily is also possible to central system from sub-stations/local centres depending on communication network, cost of communication & business need.
** 1 min up to 500 no. of meters only

System architecture