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Product at a glance

Know how much you are paying, reliable and secure

Liberty+ is a single-phase token-less smart meter for pay as you go and managed credit applications. Encrypted vend codes are used to transfer credit between the online vending system and the meter. Liberty+ maintains its own energy account, which supports multi-rate tariffs with features such as public holidays and 'friendly credit' periods. The meter interfaces with an in-home display (IHD), which provides real-time and historical information on consumption and accounting. Consumers can readily see how much energy they are using, how much it is costing (per hour), how much credit is left and how long it will last, based on the current rate of consumption. Liberty+ also provides historical data, enabling comparisons such as 'this month against last month' to be made. Liberty+ is highly resistant to magnetic fields and electro-static discharge (ESD), making it ideally suited to aggressive environments, particularly where revenue protection (RP) is a concern.


  • Domestic prepayment
  • Prepayment for small and medium enterprises (SME)
  • Landlord/tenant prepayment for residential and office complexes


  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention through provision of useful information
  • Reduced call-out costs: no disconnections overnight or at weekends
  • Reduced financial losses as consumers cannot accrue large debts
  • Minimal infrastructure cost: no need for keys or cards for vending
  • Maximum flexibility through flexible tariffs and debt recovery
  • Assists in reducing energy consumption and associated carbon dioxide emissions


  • RJ-11 connection to the in-home display, powered by the meter
  • Support for slab or time-of-use (TOD) tariffs with up to 8 rates
  • Emergency credit facility to assist consumers manage their accounts
  • Friendly credit facility to prevent disconnection during unsocial hours
  • Vending system supports debt recovery and load limiting


Connection type Direct connected
Wiring configuration 1-phase 2-wire
Voltage range 240 V (L-N), – 20% to +15%
Current range 10-60 A
Accuracy Class 1.0 for active energy
Mains frequency 50 Hz ± 5%
Burden Voltage circuit: < 1.5 W, 3 VA
Current circuit: < 0.5 VA
Standards* IEC 62055-31, IEC 62053-21, IEC 62052-11, IS 13779, IS 15884
Dimensions (W x H x D) 158 x 245 x 120 mm (with extended terminal cover)
Weight 2 kg (approx.)
Enclosure Engineering plastic
Sealing 2 sealable screws on main cover, 2 sealable screws on terminal cover
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