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Product at a glance

Smart, flexible and future proof

Secure Meters has developed the Liberty 114 single phase, single/twin element (configurable), seven terminal smart electricity meter to meet UK smart metering requirements. Liberty 114 has seven terminals suitable for use with installations with separate switched heating, hot water and 24 Hr heating loads operating on economy 7/10 or Total Heat Total Control installations.

The product offers unique flexibility such that single product can replace any type of legacy restricted heating installations, avoiding the need to carry different installation specific products.

Liberty 114 supports all restricted heating market tariffs, hence single meter can replace multi meter legacy installations. Product enables options for retailer to optimize wholesale cost and hence provide consumer with cheaper heating tariffs.


  • Smart electricity single/twin element, seven terminal meter for use in installation with separate switched loads for space heating, hot water and 24hrs heating loads
  • Smart replacement to tele-switched restricted heating meters.
  • Dual fuel (electricity+gas) and single fuel (electricity only) domestic customers in both credit and PAYG modes
  • Metering for small commercial premises including credit and PAYG modes
  • Can support single tariff for all electricity load or separate tariffs for general and heating electricity (configurable)


  • Seven terminal meter with 100A switched output on fifth and seventh terminal, 31.5A switched output on sixth terminal
  • Designed with the same physical terminal arrangement as a radio telemeter.
  • Modular communication module allows multiple WAN and HAN options for different communications providers
  • Simplicity in installation, single variant in installer van supports all possible installation scenarios.
  • Option for retailer for wholesale cost optimization and reduction in energy prices: Boosting loads when excessive renewable generation
  • Assists consumers in reducing energy consumption


  • Meets requirements of SMETS1
  • Four-quadrant measurement with import/export registration (on primary element)
  • Single element and twin element operation configurable
  • Time of use/complex tariffs and maximum demand
  • Remote operation of all auxiliary switches
  • Option to override tariff schedule for configured duration as per weather forecast and to consume excess renewable generation
  • Logging of multi par ameter load survey, billing data, events including power outage and abnormalities.
  • Integrated contractor for main and switched outputs.
  • GPRS communications.
  • Communication hub acts as coordinator for ZigBee HAN and mirror/proxy for gas meter data.
  • Credit and PAYG modes (meter maintains account and tariffs)
  • Keypad to enable local entry of PAYG UTRN token if WAN not available
  • Remote firmware upgrade


Connection type Direct connected
Wiring configuration Single phase, single or twin element, five terminal meter
Voltage range 230 Vac (nom)
Current range 0.5-10 (100) A
Accuracy Active Energy MID Class B, Reactive Energy Class 2.0
Burden Audible Alarm Compliant with EN 50470-1-3
Standards MID Class B EN 50470-1,3; IEC62053-23
Modular design Field replaceable communication module
Dimensions (W x H x D) 147 x 208 x 93 mm
Terminals Tunnel type with 2 screws
Weight 1.2 kg (approx.)
Enclosure Flame retardant polycarbonate
Footprint BS 7856
Ingress protection IP53
Insulation class Protective class II
Temperature -25C to +55C (operating), -25C to +70C (storage)
Humidity 95% non-condensing
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