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Product at a glance

Transformer operated smart energy meter


Premier 520 is a new generation, three-phase transformer operated smart electricity meter. It’s equipped with a bi-directional communication unit to interact with the Head-End System (HES) and plays a vital role in cost management. 


It supports 4G communication that ensures network redundancy by having GPRS as a fall-back option to suppress the black spots in the AMI network. 


It works as a common assets in import-export or forwarded mode. The firmware can be upgraded remotely without affecting the usual meter operations.


This smart meter is combination of a reliable, secured metering platform and a smart 4G communication unit, making it ideal for a smart metering-connected solution. It provides billing energies, history values, interval data and event alerts to the utility for billing cycle optimisation, effective network planning and revenue protection. 


  • Industrial and commercial consumer segment
  • Distribution transformer metering
  • MV feeder and boundary metering
  • Renewable farms / Net metering


  • Periodic remote data availability from all smart endpoints improves billing efficiency
  • On-demand data collection to serve critical utility use cases, e.g. vigilance etc.
  • Network parameters monitoring helps to improve network assets planning
  • Better utilisation of field crew by having power down information of specific node point
  • Compatible for import-export or forwarded mode metering
  • Reduced operational cost (low cost of ownership)


  • Four quadrant energy measurement
  • Intuitive, legible and user-friendly display
  • Back-end alerts and event logging on tampers
  • Actuators for display access
  • Enable meter data collection through optical port for no-WAN nodes
  • Analysis of interval data.
  • Local reading provision in the absence of mains
  • Parameters in line with IS 15959 part 3
  • Supply quality parameters



Connection type

CT, CT /VT operated 

Wiring configuration 

3P4W for LT and HT

Rated voltage & variation 

LT: 240V P-N, -30% to +20% of Vref

HT: 63.5 P-N, ±20% of Vref

Current range 

-/5(10)A for LT and -/5(10)A or -/1(2)A for HT


Class 0.5s for LT and Class 0.2s / Class 0.5s for HT


50 Hz ± 5%


As per IS 16444 Part 2



IS 16444 Part 2, IS 15959 Part 3