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With energy conservation in mind, a five-star hotel in India wanted comprehensive information about the energy consumption and the trend for same mapped with the source of supply. We undertook this for them.

The scope of Bureau Service included recording and analysing the following for each day/shift:

  • Energy consumption, peak loads
  • Cost of electricity, demand charges, other fixed charges and maximum demand violation (if any)
  • Cost of electricity from on-site generation i.e. through diesel generators (DGs)
  • Power availability under DG operation and cost saving potentials
  • Anticipated electricity bills.

Our approach

The hotel had a contract demand of 2000 kVA and their captive generation capacity was 3000 kVA (through 4 DGs).

Initially we did a site survey to gather information and to understand our customer’s electrical system, operating philosophy and limitations. Based on the information collected, we installed monitoring hardware and software.

An automated meter reading system was used to collect energy consumption data. This data was then analysed to produce daily reports; separately for both the hotel management and the engineers.


  • With an average occupancy of 164, man days during the month, the average electricity consumption cost guest worked out above INR 900,000 per day.
  • The DG operation could have been partly avoided during two shifts.

The hotel has already saved Rs 0.5 million on the basis of information provided by the reports


  • At the time of writing this study, the hotel has already saved INT 0.5 million on the basis of information provided by reports.
  • The hotel used to test run the DG for 20 minutes daily. Based on the information on DG operation, they reduced the test run time and have saved on fuel.
  • The power cuts are a regular phenomenon in the area where the hotel is situated. Our reports helped them to quantify poser supply outage.

Based on the benefits derived, the hotel has recommended this service to other members of its chain.