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Renewing the values


The way we do things defines our culture at work. Our culture is rooted in our values. Our values in turn are derived from our core beliefs, things we just take as being true without the need of further proof. These core beliefs are our unshakeable foundations on which everything else rests. Our shared core beliefs will help us developing this sense i.e. our corporate conscience

Our beliefs

1. business must endure for generations
2. profits are important and must be sincerely earned
3. a reputation built on trust is more valuable than profits
4. everything is lost when trust is lost
5. there is always a better way of doing things
6. change is constant
7. being socially responsible is good for business
8. customers are the most important stakeholders in the business
9. business must always keep a caring attitude towards all employees
10. good relationships with everyone matter
11. borrow with great care, never more than you are sure of repaying
12. pay all taxes in full and on time


Suket Singhal
(Group Chief Executive Officer)