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Product at a glance

Liberty 116 is a single-phase, single-element SMETS2- compliant electricity meter that is specifically designed to Serve the UK government’s mandated smart meter rollout programme.

The five-term Liberty 116 smart electricity meter is suitable for use with installations that have switched heating appliances, such as storage heaters, underfloor heating and heat pumps, etc. The 5th terminal enables more advanced power scheduling compared to Economy 7/10 meters.


  • Separate 100A auxiliary switch for controlling heat pump, domestic hot water and heating loads
  • Small-scale commercial and domestic metering
  • SMETS2 compliant electricity meter for use in credit and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) mode


  • 15+ years product life
  • Quick installation along with auto-join feature
  • Supports mains and auxiliary switch remote connection / disconnection
  • Maintains user privacy by allowing only authorised access to meter data


  • SMETS2 version 4.2, GBCS version 3.2, RED, MID Class B compliant
  • ICHIS-compliant meter
  • Supports comprehensive tariff: Time of use (TOU), Block and Hybrid
  • Keypad with 12 keys allows quick access to the necessary information on the display and local entry of UTRNs, if required, in the absence of PPMID and / or WAN.
  • Clear instructive display screens
  • COG LCD with multi-line display
  • Tamper detection for terminal, meter cover, hub removal and presence of magnet
  • Remote firmware upgrade facility



Connection type

Direct connection 

Wiring configuration 

Single-phase, single-element, two-wire 

Voltage and current range 

Voltage 230 V AC (nom), current range 0.5-10(100) A 


Active Energy MID Class B, Reactive energy class 2.0 

Mains frequency 

50 Hz ± 5% 


Compliant with EN 50470-1, 3 


2 x 100A UC3 



MID Class B, EN 50470-1&3, BS7856, IEC62052-31, RED, DLMS, ZSEP 1.4, CPA

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