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Niranjan Ameta

I have been working in software development for the last 10 years. But I have never tried to develop an understanding of metering hardware; nor have I tried to understand the impact of hardware design on software design.

Last year I was assigned to develop a software to make scale printing for moving iron and moving coil type products easier. Even though I have worked in Secure for 10 years, I did not know that we manufactured moving iron and moving coil type products. We, in NPI, do not have extensive knowledge about these products nor an understanding of what software will be needed to draw the scale.

Initially, I thought that I could develop the software without detailed knowledge of the hardware it would be used to configure. It seemed to be similar to other software I had developed.

But during the mindset changing training, I recognised that I had created a barrier against hardware, which was limiting me to software development only. I decided to move beyond this barrier and to learn more about the hardware. Maybe by understanding the product design, I could make the software easier to use. Or more effective at creating the scales.

Now, with guidance of Parasram sir, I mentally prepared myself to visit the production area with the team. This gave me a good idea about every part used in the product, each step in the manufacturing process and the time it takes. I could take the knowledge and understanding gained to develop the new software so that it can help save time during manufacture.

We presented our observations to the Senior Management and explained the limitations in the hardware, the software we were developing and the direct and indirect benefits of this programme. They were happy with what we showed them and said as much.

I and the team have learned many new things because of this experience, such as the behaviour of each hardware component: spring, needle, magnet, coil, shield, etc. This has resulted in knowledge building, for the future, within the NPI team in Udaipur for other such projects.