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Hemant Hinger

Collaboration and agility made it possible to find the first solution, and gave confidence to our team to release many more

The lockdown was declared by the Government of Rajasthan on Sunday and none of us were prepared for it to happen immediately. As a team we started to enable people to work from home, or learn from home, on Sunday itself.

This was to be the start of many long conference calls, to collect and compile and enable the team to work from home for whole weeks. We discussed and decided who can work on what from home, what resources they may need and what can be learned while away from the office. We could arrange a few official laptops, whilst the remaining team arranged resources (laptop and internet connectivity) themselves. Resource management and Network team put a lot of effort in to give remote connectivity.

In the beginning my laptop was continuing to crash and was making life tough, so I used my daughter’s laptop and at the weekend diagnosed the issue and repaired it myself by taking help from an IT member. After IT resources, we needed devices (various types of meters, hub, remote connection, power supply), and resource management arranged passes for a few members, who completed work for the entire team in a weekend.

An urgent requirement from UK to extend emergency credit on meters in bulk, to prevent switch/supply disconnect was raised at the start of the week. The team was united in finding a solution, but we got stuck in validating, due to dependency on meters and SIM. We tried many things but without passes, validation members were not able to reach the office, so the CDC team came in to support us and arranged the logistics for a developer to visit PIA. On video call, other members supported him to validate the solution and provide to the supplier.

The collaboration and agility made it possible to find the first solution, and gave confidence to our team to release many more. The whole of Secure’s management and team have come together, learned new ways of communicating and delivering. Team Secure is not only helping on the work front, but also on other important aspects of life, such as how to get groceries/medicine at home, doctors’ numbers for those in need and making sure you don’t feel you are alone, and we all are with you (kudos to HR team).