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Issue No. 1
Rev. No.
Date of Issue: 30/09/2017

Social media can change perceptions very fast, it can, very quickly, grow or damage our reputation. When we use any communication channel, as members of Secure, we are influencing Secure’s reputation along with our own. Work is an important part of our lives, it is only natural to want to talk about it online.

We trust SEMSites will protect Secure’s interests and use the internet and social media responsibly. In accordance with our beliefs and behaviours, we expect all
SEMsites to:

  • keep confidential information to themselves,
  • make clear that any views they express are personal
  • think about the consequences of any posts (whether words or pictures)
  • ask for more guidance if they are not sure

In order to ensure there are no misunderstandings that lead to improper behaviour, we have devised a Social Media Policy to help govern acceptable use. Contravention of these rules may result in strict disciplinary action.

All employees of Secure Meters Ltd, and all its subsidiaries globally, regardless of whether they are on permanent rolls, fixed term contracts or temporarily contracted.


Confidential Information: Any information about the company, in any form, including but not limited to text, photographs, drawings, verbal, financial data, technical data, simulations etc. that are not cleared for dissemination and/or marked for use publically.

Non-disclosure clause: Every employment contract with Secure specifically states that employees are restricted from revealing confidential information to others (including colleagues). Please refer to your individual employment contracts.

Social Media outlets: Any websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in networking that is social in nature or informative to

Personal Data: Any information related to a person, that can be used to directly or indirectly identify the person


    1. You are personally responsible for any content you publish on social media or on the internet. This includes photographs, data, comments, posts, videos etc.
    2. Please act responsible with the information we entrust you with. You must ensure all of your online activities comply to the non-disclosure agreements you have with Secure. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • All internal Group announcements
      • All Team Briefs and the contents of any town meetings
      • All internal meetings, including discussions & presentations
    3. If you are uncertain whether the information you are providing is sensitive, please refer to your manager or supervisor & await clearance before publishing.
    4. If you are posting as an identified member of the Secure Team, you must ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the information you are providing
      • If you discover an error, you must correct it immediately and clearly state the change you have made.
    5. When you discuss matters relating to Secure or in areas of Secure’s interest you must identify yourself clearly, with your full name and role at Secure.
    6. VI. Do not comment on any on-going or historic legal matters
    7. VII. Do not use any slurs, insults or obscenities on social media. Respect your audience & ensure that Secure’s reputation is not maligned by your activities.
    8. Your online presence is a reflection of yourself, if you are identified as a part of Secure, then it is a reflection of us as a group. You must ensure that you present yourself like the group would present itself to our customers and partners around the globe.
      • You must ensure that you reflect Secure’s Enduring Secure vision and have utmost respect for diversity of opinion, religion, race, colour, sexuality, and gender

You must ensure your activities on social media sites do not endanger private data of your colleagues or any of our customers or partners.

  • You must ensure that you clearly state that the opinions and views are yours personally and do not reflect Secure policy
    • There are very few official spokespeople for Secure, all others must clearly state that they are not authorised to speak on behalf of Secure
  • Please respect copyright and trademark laws
  • Think about the consequences of your actions before posting any information or views. It is important for the prosperity of the business and of us as a group that Secure is able to maintain a great reputation and its corporate secrets
  • t is important to note that a breach of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, from a reprimand to immediate termination


Management, at its sole discretion, can amend, change or withdraw this policy, without assigning any reason whatsoever to the individual.

This policy will come into effect from 1st November 2017.