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'COVID–19' update

Due to the rapid spread of 'COVID-19' the world is facing turbulent times. This health crisis has affected Secure and our partners across the globe. 

  • Semsites at all our sites in India are now working from home
  • Our three factories in India are producing and dispatching goods around the world
  • We are only operating services in support of essential services around the globe
  • The majority of Semsites in the UK and Australia are also working from home
  • Our factory in the UK is partially operational, with increased distancing protocols
  • Our office in Sweden is fully operational

We are here for any assistance. If you are a existing customer, partner, supplier or service provider, it is best that you contact your regular contact from Secure. Any other enquires can be made on:

We will keep everyone fully abreast with the changing situation, and get back to full service as soon as possible.

Stay home, stay safe.
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COVID-19 has forced us to think, live and work differently. Read some interesting lockdown stories from Semsites.

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Saral 300

Saral 300

Saral 300 is an enhanced metering solution for three-phase direct-connected installations. It is suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

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ESPO: Framework Supplier

Beanbag awarded a position on ESPO's Homecare Monitoring & Scheduling Solutions framework.

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Gas meter

Liberty EG4v 12

It is an intelligent diaphragm based prepayment gas meter with G1.6 measurement unit, electronic index and isolation valve which is ideal for low flow rate installations for residential segment.

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