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Product at a glance

Liberty 101 is a single-phase single element SMETS2 compliant electricity meter. Its event reading capabilities like power outage and other abnormalities and temper detection design provides data for revenue protection.It also supports firmware upgrade, allowing communication features and functionality to be updated in the field. This enhances flexibility and makes the investment future-proof


  • Smart SMETS2-compliant electricity meter for use in Credit and PAYG modes
  • Import and export metering for local generation
  • Metering for domestic and small commercial premises


  • Fail-safe installation and commissioning process – reduced site opex and time
  • 15+ years of asset life- low cost of ownership
  • Remotely switchable between credit and PAYG modes
  • Facilitates supply connection/disconnection remotely


  • SMETS2 version 3.1,GBCS version 2.1,RED,MID Class B complaint
  • ICHIS complaint meter
  • Supports Time of use / complex tariffs and maximum demand
  • Logging of multi parameter load survey, billing data, events (including power outage and abnormalities)
  • COG LCD, simple yet comprehensive parameter list: Rich consumer experience
  • Credit and PAYG modes maintain accounting (account and tariffs).
  • Keypad to enable local entry of PAYG UTRN token if WAN is not available
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Integrated contactors
  • Terminal, module and meter cover open detection as well as Magnet detection
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