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You will never walk alone

Contactless fall detection provides reliable alerts and responses to falls, providing reassurance and peace of mind in the home, without needing to rely on wearable devices or pressing any button. Sensors in the home can detect when a person has fallen and action will be taken, without the needing for cameras, protecting privacy.

Inform the carer

Changes in the daily routine and habits of a service user can be indicative of a deterioration in their health or ability.

Assisted comfort

A significant number of older adults are admitted to hospitals due to extremes in temperature and humidity in the home environment. Post-discharge, very often patients need care that they previously did not require.

Quality care assured

One of the most wasteful costs in the provision of care is its administration. All the organisations involved in the provision of care have to spend a lot of money managing their staff, maintaining quality of care and meeting regulatory obligations.